The Odor of Mercy

I love when my wife wears perfume; it delights my heart. The same is true when I witness people doing acts of mercy. The odor they radiate is irresistible. I greatly enjoy being near a person of mercy because their fragrant is what gives the world the odor of Christ.

The odor of mercy flows from our hearts to lavish those in need. It is the odor with which Mother Teresa sustained the poor in the slums of India. It is the odor St. Damien of Molokai emitted when caring for the lepers. It is the odor which overcame death when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead.

The odor of mercy is what gives the world its charity; it is what gives humanity comfort and hope. It is the odor that moves us to care for the abandoned, the poor, and the infirm. It is the odor that soothes suffering, sorrow, and bleakness.

Without the odor of mercy, our hearts become like rocks; unresponsive to injustice, intolerance, and hate. Without the odor of mercy we fail to witness Christ‘s full glory in us and through us in others.

May the odor of mercy spring from us always.

God, I give my heart to you this day; may you will it to please you.

The Gift of Knowledge

The Novena of the Holy Spirit continues today with the petition to receive the gift of Knowledge: to open our hearts and minds to know our Father.

It is impossible to know a person when we make no effort to interact with them. Fruitful relationships are built in knowing each other. The same is true with God. If we want to know God, we have to make an effort to get to know him.

The gift of Knowledge empowers us to use our hearts, minds, and social faculties to seek and find God. Through prayer, meditation, and contemplation, we fall in love with him. Through the study of the Scriptures, Tradition, and teachings of the Church, we open our minds to his Word. Finally, through our interaction with others, we witness and experience his love for us.

May the Holy Spirit bless us with the gift of Knowledge today and always.

Have a blessed day!!!