Lenten Reflection Day 36: Daniel 3:56

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“Blessed are you in the firmament of heaven,

praiseworthy and glorious forever.” (Daniel 3:56)


Some people view Lent mainly as a time of self-sacrifice. However, Lent is more than that. Lent is also a time of joy.

During the Lenten season, we celebrate the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, the Solemnity of St. Joseph, and the Annunciation of the Lord. Also, there is no fasting on Sundays. Then, on Easter Sunday, we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord.

Lent is joyful too. Let us embrace it as much as self-sacrifice.

Today’s Intention

May the last days of Lent, O Lord, open ours hearts to experiencing the joys and blessings you have given us, and may we share them with those we encounter.

Peace and Goodness

Lenten Reflection Day 31: Matthew 1:20

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“Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary your wife into your home.” (Matthew 1:20)


We know little about St. Joseph, the husband of Mary. What we do know, however, is a blessing.

The descendent of a human king obediently humbled himself for the glory of the divine King. He fasted from fear to serve his family courageously. He was a righteous man, a man of prayer. When it meant the most, he trusted in his faith to protect his family from peril and, indirectly, us from the sting of death.

Today’s Intention

Lord, you give us St. Joseph as an example of righteousness, obedience, and courage. May we, who are responsible for others’ care, enjoy the same graces of humility, fortitude, and charity from the Holy Spirit as we near the end of the Lenten season and beyond.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Peace and Goodness

Solemnity of Saint Joseph

“Jacob was the father of Joseph, the husband of Mary. Of her was born Jesus who is called the Christ. (Matthew 1:16)

Today, we celebrate the solemnity of St. Joseph. He is my role model both as a father and a man. He was entrusted to care and protect the most important mother and child in the history of mankind. He did his job humbly and honorably. As author Heather King writes, “We say Mary is humble but perhaps the only person more humble, more burdened, less thanked, was Joseph.”

Last night before I went to bed, these words about St. Joseph flew from my heart: In the morning when I pray, I wonder how you prayed. I wonder if Mary and Jesus slept without worries in their hearts knowing that you were with them.  That’s how I hope my wife and children feel about me.

Thanks, St. Joseph for your gift of humility and love.