Memorial Day 2013

Today we remember the sacrifices of every woman and man who throughout the history of the United States of America have died defending our values.

Since 1775, over 1.3 million soldiers have died in U.S. wars and major deployments. That number symbolizes not only the soldiers who died but also the pain suffered by the spouses, children, parents, relatives, and friends who loved them; they too made a sacrifice for us; therefore on this Memorial Day, we should honor and remember them as well.

Wars are a sad reality of our humanity. Consequently, we can expect future Memorial Day remembrances to be a grave day for a new generation of Americans. However, I pray to God to bless our political and military leaders with the grace of Wisdom so they may seek peace before offering up the lives of our dear men and women as a strategy to conflict resolution. In addition, I pray to protect our brothers and sisters in war that they may come back home safely both physically and mentally.

Wars have many side effects which sometimes go unnoticed by most of us; among them, suicide. This Memorial Day we also remember those who unable to cope mentally or emotionally with the horrors of war succumb to suicide. In 2012, the military suicide rate hit a record high with a total of 349 Armed Forces members taking their own lives; one suicide every 25 hours!!! I pray to God, who witnessed their life’s struggles and was with them as they took their last breath, to embrace them under his wings. Moreover, I pray to provide comfort and peace to their families. Finally, I pray that we as a Christian society are challenged to deal with this issue head on so we can prevent more soldiers from taking their own lives.

May God bless all whom we remember this Memorial Day.

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