Lenten Reflection Day 13: Luke 6:36 (updated)

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“Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful.” (Luke 6:36-RSV)


Many of us have been fasting unaware before Lent. We have been on the fasting from mercy. The waitress forgot our order; we immediately complain about it. A teammate did a poor presentation. We think of them as incapable. Our spouse or child had a difficult day; we do not care. The list goes on.

During this Lent, let us practice fasting from mercilessness. Let us give almsgiving to the strangers, those with collaborate, and our loved ones.

Today’s Intention

Lord Jesus, we cannot expect mercy when we are merciless ourselves. We ask you to send the Holy Spirit to teach us to be merciful towards others as your Father is merciful towards us.

Peace and Goodness