First Good News of 2014

Last March, I announced that I was applying to the Diocese of Austin Diaconate Program. I am glad to inform you that I have been invited by Bishop Vasquez to enter the Aspirancy formation.

During the next 12 months, the Church and I will discern my call to become a deacon. At the end of 2014, if discerned to be a Candidate, the Church would recommend me to the Bishop to invite me into the Candidacy formation. Formation is a five-year process culminating in ordination.

I pray that this call is not a false illusion to be who I am not, but to be what God intended me to be. For over 25 years, I was lost spiritually and filled with pain. Now, I am confident – regardless of the outcome of this endeavor – that my faith and my life are on the right road.

Thanks for all your prayers and support during the last 9 months. Please continue to pray for me and the other candidates to the Diaconate program.