Pope Francis

Yesterday, Pope Francis 20130313_pope_blog_main_horizontalwas voted the next successor to St. Peter. This marks a new chapter in the Catholic Church; one for which I am very excited.

Much discussion since yesterday has centered on his age. Pope Francis is certainly no spring chicken. Age, however, doesn’t make a person; it is the person’s character, resolve, and the Grace of God bestowed upon the person that counts.

Throughout the history of the bible, one can encounter countless men and women advanced in age who have made enormous contributions to our faith. Abraham was 100 years old, and Sarah 90, when Isaac was born (Genesis 21:5). In today’s scriptures, we read about Moses. He was 80 years old when he led God’s people from Egypt (Exodus 7:7) and received the 10 Commandments. Zechariah and Elizabeth were both advanced in age (Luke 1:7) when the Angel Gabriel announced that they would be having a child, John the Baptist.

God has always worked in mysterious ways. I believe that the choosing of Pope Francis is God’s work. Moreover, I believe that like Abraham and Moses, Pope Francis has prepared all his life to serve God in this role. How long would it be? It doesn’t matter to me. I have faith that however long it is, it will be what God intended it to be.

When God presents us with an opportunity, it is not how old or young we are that counts; it is what we do with it. Jesus’ ministry was only 3 years. Think about how our lives were transformed by it.

Let’s pray that Pope Francis brings about God’s will.