In Memoriam

This page is my way of honoring those who have worn the uniform, especially those who lost their lives while serving.

This page includes links to the In Memoriam: Austin and Surrounding Area Soldiers, a site I maintain honoring Central Texans who lost their lives in combat in recent conflicts, a rendition of Taps, and a few of my letters honoring veterans, which have been published in the Austin-American Statesman among others.

Sgt. Ortiz

Hells on Wheels!


Dear Soldier,

May you rest in peace. May your family finds the strenght to cope with thier lost. May we never forget your sacrifice.

* Austin and Surrounding Area Soldiers Killed in Action

* Taps

Published Letters


Tomorrow isn’t just another day off

On Memorial Day, I will remember your death. I will honor the life you willingly traded to protect mine. I will pause to try to feel your family’s grief.

I will gather with others to make sense of your sacrifice. When I listen to a 21-gun salute and sing the national anthem, I will try to imagine the last kisses, hugs, tears and words you shared with your loved ones.

On Memorial Day, I will give thanks for your pride, strength and courage to wear the military uniform and for your determination and commitment to carry out your mission.

I will encourage my friends to honor your life past Memorial Day. I will remind them that this “holiday” comes at a cost: your death.

On Memorial Day, I will do all of that, though how I wish I didn’t need to.

May you rest in peace, soldier.

Hector Ortiz

Memorial Day, Bush and elderly voters


Monday, May 28, 2007


This Memorial Day, I offer condolences to the families of those soldiers who lost their lives in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The sacrifice that you bear is not forgotten by those of us who once wore the uniform. Your sons, daughters, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters will be remembered for their courage. May you and your families find strength and love to get through your loss.

I pray that our community honors the memory of your loved ones by teaching our children to support our troops and to value the freedoms we enjoy, including the right to call for peace and question calls for war.

I pray for those who continue to fight — that they may do so with a commitment to preserving life rather than to destroying it.

Most of all, I pray our government honors the memory of your loved one by bringing their fellow soldiers home as soon as possible.


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