About this Blog

Welcome to my blog!  Thanks so much for stopping at this page.  My name is Hector Ortiz. I was born in Villalba, Puerto Rico. Now, I reside in Austin, Texas with my wife and children.

I started writing this blog back in 2007 as a place where friends and family could stay informed about events in our family. In 2013, however, I started to focus my postings on spiritual writings centered on the Word of God, Jesus Christ.

This shift took on more emphasis after being accepted into the Dioceses of Austin Diaconate Aspirancy Formation Program in December 2013. This a year-long process during which the Church and I discern if I am called to be a deacon. If called, I would start a four-year candidacy program in January 2015; culminating with the Sacrament of Holy Orders in 2019. To read more on how I arrived to this point in my life, read the following posts: “The reasons for my religious postings” and “First Good News of 2014.”

God bless you. Please pray for me



Thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments!

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