Lenten Reflection Day 33: John 12:26

Listen to audio version here: https://anchor.fm/simplediakonia/episodes/Lenten-Reflection-Day-33-John-1226-et50kl

“The Father will honor whoever serves me.” (John 12:26)


Today is a day for rejoicing in the Lord, for today we remember Jesus’ agreement with us. Our Savior expresses the perfection of his covenant in three parts.

First, the Father will honor his followers. No human being can ever make this claim, only the Son of God. Second, Jesus died for all humanity. It is Jesus’ sacrifice of love on the cross that unites us with him. Third, our works in faith, obedience, and charity aim at glorifying the Lord, not us.

Today’s Intention:

O God, thank you for this Lenten day of service in worship, thanksgiving, and joy through the grace of your Son and the Holy Spirit.

Peace and Goodness

P.S. I invite you to join me during Sunday Mass streaming this morning at St Mary Cathedral, Austin Texas at 9:30 AM CST.

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