Letter to the Year 2020

In memory of #chadwickboseman

Year 2020,

I’m angry at you for all that you represent: despair, pain, anxiety, division, death. You suck!

You have brought out the worst in us. You have pinned the healthy vs the unhealthy, police vs community, insured vs uninsured, landlords vs renters, young vs old, pro-mask vs anti mask, science vs politics, law vs mercy.

Under you, our children have lost their innocence. Countless people have die, lost their jobs, homes and their way of life. Our community is suffering. We are unable to work, school, communicate or worship as we like. We have lost our seasons. We are prisoners in our homes. Our politicians have failed us.

I am here to tell you, however, that we, not you, will have the last word. That we the people are stronger than you. You have witnessed it already in our health care workers and essential employees whose courage, ingenuity and determination have saved countless lives and kept our society functioning. You have seen it in those searching for a vaccine, fighting racism, caring for the sick and the poor, creating news ways to educate, entertain, and socialize.

We are wounded, but we are resilient; people of faith, hope, and love. We took your best punch and still standing. Now get ready for ours. You suck!

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