Normalcy over the Abnormal

There is no doubt that certainty these days is lacking the strength of normalcy. What appeared normal three weeks ago is now abnormal. We are unable to shake hands or being too close to each other for fear of getting sick. The isolation of worry and concern is threatening our community. However, people are not to blame or judge because we are fragile beings: “We all fall short of the glory of God” (Rom 3:23). We prefer joy to sadness, health to sickness, prosperity to hardship. Yet, we do have control in the choices we make these days of chaos. They are choices that can make or break our society: being kind and merciful toward each other. What that looks like is different for each of us. As a husband and father, that means to keep my stress and anxiety from negatively impacting how I related to my wife and children. May be for others is to restrain themselves from grabbing all the essential items in the grocery store so others can have some too. Yet for others is to love and give more than they usually do, especially for the lonely and disfranchised. We all have a role to play to replace the chain of chaos and fear with the crown of glory, to remove the drapes of darkness hovering around our hearts with the lights of faith, hope, and charity, to bring back that which makes us normal: a caring community. May God give us the strength to preserver over the abnormal.

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