Giving Back: Diapers and Praying

This past Friday, my company celebrated a community event aimed at giving back. We were asked to do a series of challenges in small teams comprised of executives and employees at all levels in the company. Each challenge was meant to give us an idea of what it is like to walk in our customers’ shoes. The event was a success despite the cold, rainy weather. Two events in particular touched me.

The first was when we purchased diapers for a single mother. She was surprised and overwhelmed by our offer, yet she immediately grasped the cheapest diapers available. When we told her that money was not a barrier, she chose a premium brand. Tears flowed from her eyes and she expressed disbelief for her good fortune.

The second event was even more powerful. As we waited at the bus stop to return to the office and get relief from the bad weather, we asked a man if there was anything we could do for him. Unexpectedly, he asked us to pray for his sister. The prayer was meant as a way of thanking her for her generosity towards him. Without hesitation, our team gathered around the man. I was honored to be asked by my team to lead the prayer. So there, at a bus stop, in the freezing cold rain, we all prayed out loud for his sister.

This experience was a reminder of the impact we can have on others, especially the poor, when we soften our heart as Christ encourages. It was also a reminder of the impact others can have on us when they allow us to be kind to them.

I am grateful to my company for allowing us the opportunity to walk in our customers’ shoes. Moreover, I am grateful of having had the opportunity to meet and help the people we met. They unknowingly gave us a gift: the grace of Christ working through us.

Many of us often ask God to show himself; to give us a sign of his existence. Well, this event is how he revealed himself to us.

Happy Sunday!!! May God bless you!!!

© hectorortiz 2013.All rights reserved.

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