True Splendor

In today’s scripture, the crowd is divided about whether Christ is a prophet or a Messiah or whether he comes from Galilee or from the house of David in Bethlehem. Christ was among them. However, their human condition failed to recognize his true splendor because of their focus on a title; an expectation they created of Christ.

There are times in my life when I am one of those in the crowd. In my dealings with my family or loved ones, friends or the casual stranger, I have failed to see their true splendor; to see them for whom they really are; to see Christ in them.

When my focus is on people’s titles, appearances, wealth, intellect, social status, skills, political or religious beliefs, I allow my human condition to be engulfed by jealousy, gossip, envy, and judgment. This has led to missed opportunities; to not experience people to their fullest. In some cases, it has led to painful or broken relationships or to lose them altogether.

The good news is that our human condition also allows for kindness, acceptance, forgiveness and most of all, love. I have learned, however, that to achieve this potential, I need a high power, Christ.

When I allow Christ into my life with daily prayer and scripture, when I visit His dwelling place, when I partake in reconciliation and Eucharist, and when I become generous, I start to witness people’s true splendor; I start to recognize my own, thus becoming an imitator of Christ. Moreover, I experience who He really is, the Son of God.

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