To Bruce Ashcroft

Our friend Bruce Ashcroft passed away on Thursday, August 22. Always with a smile on his face, Bruce was a gentle, intelligent, and humble man. A person who would go unnoticed in a crowded room, but one you would never forget once you met him.

We’ll remember Bruce with warmth in our hearts. He and his wife Judy hosted a baby shower for us and took us to see the Austin Lyric Opera perform “Carmen”. Bruce also helped us celebrate Santiago’s first birthday.

Bruce was great storyteller. As a professional military historian, he had plenty of interesting material to draw from. What was even more special about Bruce was that he was a fantastic listener.

May he rest in peace. Our deepest sympathy is with Judy and all of Bruce’s family.

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One thought on “To Bruce Ashcroft

  1. Thank you, Hector. Bruce saw such potential in you and Lydia, and you are fulfilling it. We both took such joy in your beautiful children, but most of all, we were delighted with how you and Lydia were parenting. The evidence is clear in handsome Santiago’s virtual violin playing! Your decision that Lydia will be at home with the children is another example. Bruce loved you both, as I do, and I appreciate your coming to his memorial service.

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